An Important New Statement about Knoxville's Future

   Knoxville: Green by Nature   

More than a pretty face...
written by Knoxville columnist and historian Jack Neely, this new book is a far-reaching exploration of the best that Knoxville can be. Much more than a photo-journal celebrating the area's physical beauty and its vibrant cityscape, it launches a discussion into the community's commitment to becoming one of the world's most attractive business destinations while remaining a great place to live.

...with an introduction written by Govenor Bill Haslam, reflecting on the city's progress.

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This lavishly illustrated, full-color publication is printed in a hard-bound, 9 x 12-inch format. Over 270 pages including hundreds of photographs.
Jack Neely's account of Knoxville's recent renaissance celebrates the heroic individuals, corporations and institutions whose combined insight and actions are shaping the community's ongoing renaissance. The photo journal section contains hundreds of photos celebrating the physical beauty of the area and the warmth of its community.
Knoxville Chamber

Endorsed by the Knoxville Chamber, who will employ the book in its marketing efforts, and will make a copy available to each member firm.

Sponsored by Visit Knoxville, who will make the book available to VIP visitors and groups considering Knoxville as a destination.

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